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Disaster Recovery is the most likely route to the Cloud for Businesses

21st February 2012


Disaster Recovery or DR will be the most likely route for businesses transitioning away from traditional methods, writes Ken Hess for ZDNet.

He warns that businesses should buy into [the Cloud] and take it seriously, especially “when a powerhouse like Apple embraces the Cloud for ultimate storage and disaster recovery,” and answers the question “does it make financial sense for my business?”, by asking companies to look at the cost and effectiveness and flexibility of their current DR solution, which he says is “likely to be many times the cost of a Cloud-based one.”

Recognising the potential to base such a critical and central operation in the Cloud, Blue Chip has launched its own online Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, SecureVault. Powered by EVault, this service provides extensive savings from replacing tapes, USB drives and hardware, and the associated costs of maintaining them, because companies only pay for the space they use.

In addition, SecureVault provides a greater level of security and reliability than traditional backup solutions, offering full recovery of a system from the ground up. The whole backup process is quicker and easier to support and manage, and is very easy to use; IT managers log in remotely and select the relevant data for recovery with immediate downloads.  This allows for 100% access to data, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, something which Hess sees as important, especially for a mobile work force:

“If 100% [access] is what you need, then a solution that includes something a little cloudier is better,” Hess adds. “If you’re unsure about the Cloud, then DR is a great transitional step into gaining trust in it as a primary data storage system. If you’re betting that you might never have to rely on your DR plan, except once a year during DR drills (you do them don’t you?), then you should see the Cloud as a very inexpensive alternative to your current plan.”

For further information on Blue Chip’s online Backup and DR Solution, SecureVault, please contact us on 0845 034 7222.

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