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Connecting To The Cloud

8th August 2017

Anthony Green

Imagine that you’ve invested heavily in a cutting-edge virtual IT infrastructure, only to find that your connectivity is below par. We talk to Blue Chip’s Sales Director, Anthony Green, about how to ensure that you have a strong, reliable and secure connection to the Cloud.

With the increasing uptake of Cloud technology, at Blue Chip we have seen a sharp decline in the number of customers using traditional on-premise IT solutions. With government statistics reporting that Cloud adoption in the UK has increased by 75% since 2010, it cannot be denied that Cloud Computing has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years.

The benefits of Cloud Computing are almost too numerous to list; the ability to offer remote working, the elimination of overheads like power and cooling, and high levels of scalability are just some of the reasons companies are making the migration to the Cloud. However, a key element often overlooked is the underlying network infrastructure responsible for delivering those resources to the business and the importance of a robust and efficient connection between your business and the Cloud.

At Blue Chip, we take the security and reliability of our customers’ connections very seriously, and our excellent relationships with local and national providers afford us access to an extensive range of private and internet connectivity options. Our connectivity solutions provide access to Enterprise-grade Core Networking, and can be broken down into three key areas: internet connectivity, private connectivity and Network as a Service.

For customers already hosted in Blue Chip’s datacentre, resilient and cost-effective internet connectivity is already available. Internet access is made available through a number of premium providers and is routed via the path which best ensures low latency – that is, an unnoticeable level of delay in accessing your data - and protects against the failure of an internet provider. All connections provided to our IaaS customers are resilient within the platform and in their connectivity to the global internet. For customers seeking to leverage Cloud services with pre-existing Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure, there is the option to extend this into the Blue Chip Cloud; for those that don’t, a range of Private Circuit options exist to support connectivity both between your organisations, and into the Blue Chip platform. We endeavour to impartially advise our customers; it’s important to us to offer transparency and flexibility so customers can best choose what works to suit their business requirements.

In addition to offering our customers the option to connect to our Cloud platform via the internet or through their own private connection, Blue Chip’s Network as a Service (NaaS) provision goes beyond these traditional options, yet offers the same flexibility and scalability as our other “as a Service” offerings. A highly-adaptable solution, NaaS from Blue Chip comprises a private fixed line circuit terminating on Blue Chip’s infrastructure, where add-on services such as access to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), resilient internet access, and inter-site routing can be made available. Built around Vodafone’s highly-resilient network – the most extensive Tier 1 Business Network in the UK, covering more than 400 UK towns and cities with over 20,000km of private fibre – this connectivity option takes advantage of the significant network backbone that they have to provide high quality, high speed, and value-for-money connectivity. Not only does this provide maximum reliability, this direct service bypasses the wider internet so performance when accessing Cloud Services is optimised. Blue Chip manages all repairs and upgrades to network components, therefore negating the need for a technical team to manage the network and troubleshoot issues – ideal for busy companies who need this time to focus on their core business needs. Various service options are available, each carefully designed to offer differing levels of redundancy, monitoring, access to services and stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Finally, it’s important to choose a provider with a network infrastructure you can rely on. The reach and resilience that Vodafone has as a Tier 1 provider adds a great deal of value for Blue Chip customers, so to ensure that we can offer the most robust servers, security and storage infrastructure available, we have invested a further £1 million in the best available datacentre capacity and infrastructure at Vodafone’s prominent Tier 3 datacentres in Leeds and Uxbridge, which boast high capacity, high availability, first class connectivity and built-in resilience. Additional military-grade security benefits include uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) through backup diesel generators, fingerprint access and 24/7 CCTV, giving us confidence that Blue Chip can provide a secure, robust service with connection to multiple datacentres giving improved Disaster Recovery. Add this to over 20 years’ industry experience and the skills and knowledge of more than 140 technical experts, and you can see why our customers are assured that their ability to connect to the Cloud is in safe hands.

Downtime is not an option for any business. To find out more about Blue Chip’s Cloud Services, datacentre provisions or for a complimentary Network as a Service (NaaS) consultation, please contact us at, or call us on 0845 034 7222.

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