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247 Support Services Takes Blue Chip to the Next Level

26th September 2011


Blue Chip, has set a new benchmark in IT support with the announcement that all its new and existing IT support services contracts will include ‘true’ 24/7 cover - as standard.  

Richard Cook, Managing Director at Blue Chip, explains: “Excelling in IT support services has always been a key part of our business model and while we are well-versed in working collaboratively with in-house support teams to deliver seamless service for their system users, this new service takes it to another level.

“It is our view that in the 21st Century extended down time is not an option for any business. That is why we have opened dedicated 24/7 support for all our customers, invested in the appointment of further highly-trained and experienced technical staff, whilst implementing a monitoring platform to detect and alert staff to potential issues which they can resolve in real time, regardless of whether it is day or night. The result is the ability to triage systems during non-operational hours, crucially enabling businesses to continue working, unhindered, during their core operational hours.” 

The monitoring platform enables Blue Chip staff to identify and rectify problems before the impact on a customer’s business throughout the day, which in itself is a huge benefit, while overnight issues can be recognised and dealt with, even before they are realised.

This move by Blue Chip comes in response to a growing trend amongst its customers for out-of-hours working, whether as a result of home working, remote working, or smart phone utilisation, which enables employees to work at any time of the day or night. With this in mind, Blue Chip’s support services cover the full 168 hours of a full week, and not just the typical 40-hour working week. 

Cook continues: “It is alarming to think that in a growing 24/7 culture, IT support companies still cover less than 25% of the real week, leaving over 75% of the week exposed. Even if they do have the capability for 24/7 cover, it is prohibitive for the client to take it out. IT systems don’t care what time of day or night it is, or whether it is the weekend or not. If people are able to work around the clock, then it is plain that support has to be available around the clock. This is especially prudent at a time when businesses have had to cut IT teams, further heightening the need for dedicated, around-the-clock IT support services of this calibre. We have taken the unique step of making it accessible to all, as standard.” 

He adds: “We urge businesses to look closely at their IT support contracts and consider the real value of their package - whether they have ‘true’ proactive 24/7 support, or whether they have in reality signed up to a roster of people who are on call on their mobile phones.” 

Accent Group is one company which has already benefited from Blue Chip’s 24/7 service, as Simon Green, Service Delivery Manager explains: “When our Remote Desktop service went down, Blue Chip worked with speed and efficiency over an entire weekend, applying the necessary changes to ensure it was back up and running before the problems were really felt. This without doubt, avoided any negative impact on our business and we see this dedicated around-the-clock support as an essential part of our IT contract.”

For further information on Blue Chip's 24/7 Support, please contact us on 0845 034 7222.

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