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Case Study

Lascar Electronics

Requirement: Desktop as a Service

Lascar Electronics Ltd looked to Blue Chip for a technical solution that would enable information sharing on a global scale.


The Client

Since its formation in 1977, Lascar Electronics Ltd. has grown its UK presence into a global operation that designs and manufactures an extensive range of panel meters, data loggers and power supplies. Fuelled by acquisitive business growth, the last 10 years have seen new Lascar offices opening in the US and Far-East, enabling the firm to grow its presence in the sizeable North American market and to move its high volume production lines to its facilities in Hong Kong. This expansion created the need for employees to access the firm's chosen MRP (Material Resource Planning) system on a global basis.



In order to deliver secure, web-based user access to their chosen MRP application, Blue Chip recommended Desktop as a Service (DaaS) via Citrix as the ideal solution for Lascar. Providing real-time information and applications across disparate locations was a perfect fit for the company's requirements


Success and Company Benefits

Through the installation of Citrix, Lascar Electronics has reported increased profitability thanks to streamlined business processes and global information sharing.

Deputy Technical Manager of Lascar Electronics Ltd, Andy Ludwell said "With satellite offices now in the States and Far East, our managers need to travel abroad at least ten times a year. Sharing information and email communication used to be impossible for them whilst away; they literally had to just 'catch up' when they got back! Citrix has not only given them the freedom to work and communicate exactly when and where they need to, it has enabled our global offices to securely share real-time information".

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