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Case Study

GSI Westwind

Requirement: Citrix XenApp

GSI Westwind selected Citrix specialist Blue Chip to help consolidate their IT, providing an easy-to-manage desktop solution for all users, low ongoing support costs and a reduced carbon footprint.


The Client

GSI Westwind design and manufacture air bearing spindles for PCB, automotive, semiconductor and many other markets where performance needs are outside the scope of conventional bearing technology. GSI Westwind is part of the GSI Group, a global company whose manufacturing facilities and offices stretch from California to Tokyo.

GSI Westwind were working from three sites across a Trading Park. The management team had decided to rationalise their operating costs by consolidating these three sites into one central site, which presented GSI Westwind with an opportunity to reassess their approach to delivering IT to their users and effectively reduce their carbon footprint.



Blue Chip was selected to deliver a streamlined and efficient IT infrastructure. Following a highly successful Citrix XenApp pilot study to evaluate the potential benefits and savings of the technology, a full XenApp server farm was implemented, delivering a published desktop to the user base.

GSI Westwind users access all critical business applications, including Exchange, file shares and their line of business applications, via the XenApp desktop. The use of Citrix technology enables users to access the information they require from any location, increasing productivity, saving the company time and money. The implementation of the Citrix server farm also had a positive effect on the environment. Through the use of thin clients, which use far less power in comparison to the PCs they were using, GSI Westwind were able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, the company used their operational and energy based cost savings to invest in an IP telephony solution, minimising power and cabling requirements to each desk.

Success and Company Benefits

This initial Citrix project has been so well-received that it is now being evaluated for the GSI Westwind overseas sites in the US, Japan and China to deliver cost-effective remote access. By centralising the IT and delivering applications via Citrix technology, GSI Westwind immediately reduced the costs associated with supporting, managing and powering the desktop estate. In addition, the speed with which applications are delivered, devices power on and boot-up means that users are more productive in comparison.

John Doughty, IT Manager for GSI Westwind, commented, "By implementing the Citrix solution we now have a platform that is easy to manage, with desktops and applications rolled out across the business very quickly. It is a solution that gives our business a cutting edge and reduces our impact on the environment."

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