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Cloud Security

Reverse Proxy Solutions

Against a backdrop of advancing technologies and mobile working, businesses must ensure that they are one step ahead of the threat landscape. In addition to a perimeter firewall, we recommend the use of reverse proxy technology to provide additional security and flexibility when publishing web-based services externally.

Reverse proxies and application delivery controllers sit between web servers and the internet, acting as the first point of contact for application requests, and provide advanced inspection, transformation and routing of traffic. From a security perspective, the deployment of a reverse proxy allows the topology and characteristics of back-end servers to be hidden by removing the need for direct access from the internet. By masking the servers in this way, load balancing can also be applied to seamlessly distribute incoming requests across multiple back-end servers – accommodating high throughput and supporting server/application failure via health checking mechanisms. User authentication can also be handled to provide additional security in advance of content being served, or to provide a single sign-on experience for end users.

As strategic partners with world-leading vendors Microsoft, Citrix and F5, Blue Chip provide three reverse proxy solutions intended to accommodate basic through to more advanced publishing requirements. A Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) server can be deployed as a simple, cost-effective secure proxy solution for web services, whilst our Citrix Netscaler Gateway is ideally suited to environments with a need to publish Citrix externally only. Alternatively, our F5 appliance offering provides industry-leading perimeter security with Enterprise-level scalability, capable of handling more demanding workloads, applications and configurations.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise-class scalability and functionality
  • Pre-requisite for secure access to corporate email from any device, on any network
  • Add load balancing support for high-throughput environments
  • SSL Termination at the gateway to maximise performance of internal services


Download the Reverse Proxy White Paper

A guide to Reverse Proxy, its benefits and methods of deployment.


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