Cloud Security

Cloud Security

As the internet constantly evolves, more digital threats to your data security are appearing every day. From hackers and identity theft to the latest viruses and the new threat of ransomware, it’s essential that safeguards are put in place to protect your business.

When it comes to Cloud Services, it is imperative that you can entrust your preferred IT partner with your company data and IT operations. As day-to-day functionality and viability becomes more reliant on IT services, it is essential to ensure that you have faith in their products, processes and in the environment in which your data is managed and retained.

At Blue Chip, we are confident that our security solutions offer the best of all three. We are longstanding strategic partners with the world’s leading security providers – including Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, F5 and Fortinet – bringing you best-of-breed technologies which are configured appropriately and maintained to exacting standards. Combining this with 25 years’ expertise in providing comprehensive and effective protection for web, email and networks affords us the ability to give you the very best, impartial advice for your business needs.


Download the Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Q4 2016

Fortinet present their look into the cyber threat landscape in Q4 2016


Cyber Crime and the Speed of Change - in conjunction with Fortinet

10th May 2017
Blue Chip and Fortinet invite you to join us at our FREE interactive round table event, "Cyber Crime and the Speed of Change", at the home of AFC Bournemouth.
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  • Web Filtering

    With cyberattacks and complex viruses on the rise, Web Filtering solutions have become essential. Blue Chip work with security experts Fortinet, Barracuda and Symantec to ensure your data is always secure.

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  • Reverse Proxy

    Reverse Proxy solutions provide additional security when publishing web-based services externally. Blue Chip's partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix and F5 will fulfil basic to advanced publishing requirements.

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  • 2FA

    Blue Chip's SecureAccess Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution combines “what you know” (Username & Password) with “what you have” (e.g a One-Time Passcode).

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  • Email Security

    Email Security is a necessity to protect your company apps and data against malware and spam. Blue Chip’s Mail Gateway options will safeguard your systems whatever your requirements.

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  • Firewalls

    Your Firewall is paramount in ensuring the security of your Cloud platform. Blue Chip’s Standard, Advanced and Bespoke Firewalls will keep your infrastructure secure, however complex your needs.

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  • Antivirus

    Antivirus is an often-overlooked yet critical element in the ever-changing digital landscape. Blue Chip and Kaspersky's Hosted Endpoint Security will keep you safe from viruses and other malware.

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