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Backup and DR

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

It’s only a disaster if you haven’t got a plan...

As IT becomes increasingly central to organisations' ability to function on a day-to-day basis, so too do the risks associated with poor backup and limited recovery capability. In today’s business climate, organisations of all shapes and sizes need to address Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) as part of their normal operating procedures.

Blue Chip have already provided disaster recovery services to many satisfied clients and have developed a Backup and DR solution that combines industry-leading, proven technology with our years of experience and technical expertise - SecureVault. Powered by EVault, this secure and robust solution is provided in two options; customers who prefer to take advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud can select from Blue Chip's four SecureVault Cloud tiers, whilst our SecureVault On-Premise service is a unique hybrid solution suitable for organisations with large data backup requirements.

No matter your business needs, Blue Chip will work with you to minimise the chances of a disaster and put a plan together should one occur.

Case Study

Emanuel School

Emanuel School selected virtualisation experts Blue Chip to redesign their server infrastructure and improve their business continuity programme, as well as providing a secure and reliable backup and DR solution.

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  • SecureVault Cloud Backup

    SecureVault, powered by EVault, is a Cloud-based backup solution, with 4 tiers all offering secure storage and freedom from tape backup.

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  • SecureVault On-Premise Backup

    SecureVault On-Premise Backup provides the same reliable service as our Cloud offering in a unique hybrid solution combining the best features of both.

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  • SecureVault DR Workspace

    The SecureVault DR Workspace Service offers state-of-the-art office suites with a robust 1GBit internet connection to support Business Continuity needs.

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  • Veeam Cloud Connect

    Blue Chip and Veeam's Cloud Connect service offers robust offsite Cloud storage for your data backup, integrated natively with Veeam’s Backup & Replication software.

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