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Managed Services: What Can Blue Chip Do For You?

Posted 24 November 2015 by Paul Cashmore

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of businesses choosing to use Managed Services for their IT, whether for the short or long term.  Every business has a different requirement - providing temporary cover or enhancing and working alongside an in house team to provide a comprehensive service desk to clear a backlog. Some business also choose Managed Services to provide the full service, delivering every aspect of their IT.

Managed Services itself is a very broad term that covers a range of IT services and solutions from; in house technical support, telephone and remote support, infrastructure changes, software delivery and implementation, consultancy and general software management. Often when installing software packages such as the latest offering from Microsoft (Office 365) service providers can deliver this programme at a discounted rate, so always look for recommended ‘partners’ if you wish to make the most of this. Service providers can also manage the ongoing and often complicated licensing fees, sometimes providing training to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

Whether you have a large and capable in-house IT department or you outsource your support, Managed IT services can be useful to everyone, they allow for a smooth, efficient and cost effective transition or continued running of multiple programmes. They can save time and help maintain productivity across the board. However, although the concept of Managed Services are arguably worth it for those who rely heavily on IT to support their business, where this concept can waste your time and money is dependent on the provider you choose.

To avoid wasting time and money, there are several areas that businesses should consider when choosing an appropriate provider;

  • How flexible is the provider?  Will they tailor their service to your requirements, or offer a ‘service package’ that may cover some of your needs but not others whilst including areas that are irrelevant?
  • Do they offer good value? Do they insist on a fixed fee arrangement or offer ‘pay-as-you-go’ so you only ever use and pay for what you need?
    Are they scalable when it comes to Helpdesk Services? Will they allow your business to purchase services on your terms by regular payments or through an advanced commitment, enabling you to budget in a way that suits you?
  • Do they include 24/7 cover as standard, or is that an expensive add-on?  In addition, is your IT provider giving you genuine 24/7 cover in a live manned operations centre or is this cover provided by a person on a mobile phone?
  • Does their 24/7 cover include alerts which can be dealt with by the provider around the clock? Are problems allocated so that issues arising during working hours are dealt with by your in-house team and out-of-hours problems are resolved by the provider, providing a 24x7 service whilst maximising the return from your in-house team?
     How qualified are they when delivering the Helpdesk service to enhance and complement existing IT teams? Do they offer vendor-level expertise in the areas specific to your needs?  Can they resolve issues efficiently so that productivity and performance are unaffected and as little service time as possible is spent resolving an issue?
  • Do they provide management in a controlled and highly measured manner? It’s important that you can receive complete peace of mind from your managed services and a methodical stage-by-stage approach allows you a coherent understanding of the service you are paying for.
  • What about after the project/s are wrapped? Do you receive a post-service review? If there were any issues, does your provider deliver an overview of such problems and how they can be avoided and combatted in the future?

It’s important to have the best possible project management when making changes to your network, regardless of the size of the task. Controlling a project with a strict scope not only ensures there is a reduced risk of a project failing, but also guarantees the highest level of quality to the work completed.

Outsourcing means that employees have access to a dedicated support network, with years of experience and when remote access just won’t resolve the issue, engineers are often deployed. Some providers such as ourselves, offer a range of dedicated resources, a perfect solution for a bigger company that will need hands on assistance often. Managed services, don’t just save companies time and spare them complicated, costly projects, they provide business with the tools to run with the same powerful IT support that fuels huge scale corporations at a price even the most junior of start-ups can afford.

Working with our customers for the last two decades has led us to develop a Managed Services portfolio that challenges the traditional approach of other service providers, who typically command payment per discipline.  Our tailored pay-per-usage approach, in conjunction with 24/7 support and monitoring as standard for all customers from our fully manned Operation Centre, has resulted in continuous growth and customer retention. We offer all of the above listed qualities with our service and can tailor any service package to meet businesses needs and budgets, meaning with Blue Chip, you never pay for something you don’t need.

To find out more about the benefits of Managed Services, contact us at or call us on 0845 034 7222.

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