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A new arrival - EMC adds the VNXe1600 to their Unified Storage family

Posted 10 November 2015 by Charlie Gough

With more and more environments of varying sizes utilising virtualisation technologies over the last 5 years, there is a bigger emphasis for companies to utilise shared storage.  With mid-size to Enterprise companies opting for EMC’s VNX2 range to provide them with the capacity and enterprise functionality, SMEs have been left in the dark since EMC decided to end the life of AX4-5 range.

The release of the VNXe3200 saw an affordable Unified Storage System with some of the benefits of VNX2 functionality. Now EMC have decided to release a smaller brother, the VNXe1600, which specifically targets those businesses that don’t need the File functionality that the VNXe3200 offered, but want a SAN which will provide them with a block only storage array similar to that of the older AX4-5.

The VNXe1600 comes in 2 forms - a 2U Base unit with space for 25 x 2.5” drives, or a 3U Unit with space for 12 x 3.5” drives, with each Storage processor consisting of an Intel Dual Core Xeon Processor and 8GB of RAM.  Where the VNXe1600 packs a punch to its big brothers - the VNXe3200 and VNX5200 - is its storage capacity where it provides a maximum drive count of up to 200 drives, supporting a wide range of drive types from 100GB SSD’s to 4TB NL-SAS.  In terms of connectivity, the VNXe1600 can offer a range of options and features from a dual port Converged Network Adaptor (CNA) module per SP that can be configured for 10Gb Optical iSCSI, or 8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel.  An optional I/O Module card is available per SP to provide either a four port 1GbE Copper, four port 8Gb Fibre Channel or 10Gb Optical iSCSI module, allowing for plenty of options to connect into your environment.

The VNXe1600 system is designed with simplicity in mind so that administrators with limited storage expertise are able to leverage the enterprise-level features provided by the system. With the VNXe1600 utilising many of the same MCx technologies available in the VNX2 and VNXe3200 systems - such as Multicore Cache, Multicore RAID, and Multicore FAST Cache - it allows the VNXe1600 to offer a better price/performance ratio. The VNXe1600 offers native Asynchronous Block Replication to provide a local and remote replication solution which is compatible with other VNXe1600 and VNXe 3200 systems.

With other features such as Thin Provisioning, Native Block Snapshots, VMware integration and EMC Secure Remote Support, the VNXe1600 offers high performance and resiliency at an Enterprise level but at great value for money for SMEs.

If you want to discover more about the VNXe1600, or discuss its capabilities in more detail, please email or call us on 0845 7222 034.

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