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Flexible working works: How Desktop Virtualisation benefits both you and your staff.

Posted 15 December 2015 by Anthony Green

We’re all aware that whilst as a nation we have recently weathered a global recession, many working families are still feeling the pinch. Soaring living and childcare costs could have forced more people into work; indeed with the ONS (Office of National Statistics) reporting that in 2014, 68% of 2 parent families with dependent children have both parents working, it seems that adapting to these changes within the workplace may become more popular in the future. Aside from the fact it is now the law that all businesses must consider any staff member’s reasonable request for flexible working, trusting your employees to manage their own working day can be very empowering for them.

As a leading IT services and solutions provider, at Blue Chip we support both our employees’ and clients’ flexible working needs. We work with leading technology providers Dell and Citrix, who are the perfect partners when it comes to Desktop Virtualisation. Citrix assemble virtual desktops on-demand, whilst Dell provides Cloud Client Computing Solutions which act as end-points for users to log in and access their applications and information.

It’s easy to see why employees might want to work flexibly – no commutes, less stress, and it’s probably more comfortable too – but there are more benefits to employers than you may initially think. Downtime is certainly increased – a staff member might live within 10 minutes of their dentist, but if they need to leave the office for an appointment they could be absent for a much longer time. Bosses worried that their staff won’t be as productive may be surprised to hear that a 2012 study by Ipsos MORI discovered that, of the workers polled, 39% said that they worked longer hours to prove they’re not slacking off, while 47% send more emails and make more calls in an attempt to look “extra visible”.

Here at Blue Chip, we feel that it’s important that we practice what we preach. Many employees work from home for part of the week, with technologies such as Citrix and Skype for Business making this a reality. Location is no longer a barrier to working efficiently, as staff are able to log into their own desktop and subsequent shared company drives via an internet browser making the necessity for every single staff member to be in the office every single minute of their working day a thing of the past.

For the employer, reduced overheads such as office space and electricity costs are always helpful, and a quick poll of our Sales Floor reveals it’s pretty good for staff morale too; although we obviously expect our employees to perform to their highest standard, they feel that they aren’t micromanaged. In return they are still enthusiastic and productive when not working in an office environment.

For the business owner Desktop Virtualisation can be simple and cost effective to implement; for the employee it’s a chance to balance their home life with their career.

To find out about the ­Desktop Virtualisation options available to your business, simply contact us at, or call us on 0845 034 7222.

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