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MDM with Citrix XenMobile – What’s it all About?

Posted 3 April 2014 by Kelvin Papp

An area receiving a lot of focus recently is Mobile Device Management (MDM), and a product nearly always at centre of attention is XenMobile from Citrix.

The rise of BYOD has forced organisations to explore alternatives to more traditional remote access methods with Citrix taking a leading role in developing a raft of Products and Services in support. Its clear things have moved on from the early days of BYOD where technology was very focused on securing the “traditional” endpoint, but they have had to. Employees no longer want to be tied to desktop (or even laptop!) hardware – the digital office has extended to incorporate a vast array of tablet and smartphone devices.

So how do you balance the security of your Intellectual Property, with the flexibility needed to support the modern, mobile workforce? MDM solutions of old offered draconian enforcement of corporate policies – providing a mechanism for enforcing what couldn’t be done, rather than accommodating what could. Pre-BYOD, this was acceptable – a corporate device was subject to corporate control, but increasingly users are leveraging their own devices; fantastic from a productivity perspective, but a headache with regards to data security and politically challenging when corporate IT starts to impose its will on personal equipment.

XenMobile addresses many of these concerns by compartmentalising the Business and Personal parts of a Mobile Device. Once enrolled through a simple user driven process, IT can securely and remotely manage the endpoint delivering a range of services – Mobile Applications, Windows Desktops & Applications (via Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop), SaaS Applications, and Secure Delivery of Data to name a few. The best bit? All operate independently of any User Installed applications with interoperability controlled through centrally defined policies to guarantee data security. Should the need arise, corporate data and applications can be removed, leaving any personal information intact.

The above is of course, all in addition to traditional MDM capability which you would expect as a matter of course – Device Restriction Policies, Geo-Tracking, and Inventory Management are available out of the box to support a wide variety of mobile operating systems.

Since its acquisition of Zenprise in 2013, Citrix has aggressively developed and matured XenMobile to become a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software. When paired with an already extensive (and leading) portfolio of products supporting mobile application delivery, it’s clear that the case for adopting XenMobile as your MDM solution of choice is compelling.

From a personal perspective, I’ve been impressed not just with the speed with which XenMobile has come to market and impressed us all (not just Gartner!) with its capability, but with the simplicity of the product and the opportunity it presents with respect not just to managing mobile devices, but integrating them with the needs of the organisation. For me BYOD has always represented something of an ideal, with a product like XenMobile at your disposal, it’s more of a reality than ever before.

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