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Mobile Enterprise

Enabling and Securing the Mobile Enterprise

Posted 16 May 2013 by Anthony Green

There can be little doubt that the corporate IT landscape has evolved more within the last 5 years, than it did in the 10-15 years prior. A proliferation of mobile devices – Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops to name a few - coupled with an expectation from employee’s that corporate IT systems should keep pace with changes in the consumer sector has presented both a challenge and an opportunity for IT administrators, and not one that’s limited to the BYOD explosion that we see in the marketplace at the moment…

On the one hand, we should be embracing these devices for the additional employee productivity that can be gleaned from the ability to connect to the workplace from anywhere, at any time (a recent survey indicated that nearly 75% of employees already use their own devices to access work related data ). On the other hand, these devices raise new questions around data security:

  • How do you prevent these devices from circumventing “traditional” corporate security?
  • How do you control connectivity so that the infrastructure is secured on your terms?
  • How do you prevent Data Loss?

Not too long ago, the “Mobile Enterprise” was limited to laptops and (relatively insecure) PPTP VPN functionality, but more recently these needs have stretched to include access to discrete pockets of information from numerous devices both on and off of the corporate network – there’s been a very definite progression towards device-oriented access which has come to dominate.

These are real challenges for organisations today and ones which I feel we are well geared up to address here at Blue Chip through our partnership with Fortinet…

Why? For me, Fortinet brings a number of things to the table with respect to the Mobile Enterprise and Corporate Security. The focus? Control of the Network. Whether you’re surfing the web on your smartphone on a company wireless network, accessing corporate data via your (again, wireless!) laptop or connecting from home using your tablet device to pull down files you need to work on remotely, you can guarantee that you traverse a device which Fortinet have the capability of leveraging to ensure the protection and security that matters to your business the most. By way of example, consider some of the mobile-relevant functionality present within a FortiGate firewall:

  • Secure SSL-VPN Access, providing granular control over Network Access from Remote Devices
  • Built-In Wireless Controllers which integrate fully with Firewall Policies
  • Unified Threat Management to Scan and Filter Web Traffic
  • Integrated two-factor Authentication for Secure, Remote Access
  • Data Loss Prevention to ensure that only Data you choose can leave the Infrastructure

In short; Mobile Security doesn’t have to be a worry for today’s Enterprise. With the right toolset, you can leverage your employee’s engagement with their Devices in a secure manner which can add value to your business.

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